Lonigans Famous Grill Pub, Saloon & nightclub stands in its original historic spot today, and proud to be a part of our "Mountain Strong" community, estes park.  We sit on West Elkhorn Avenue, (the main drag) in the heart of Downtown.

Built in 1908, the same time as the Stanley hotel, Josephine Hupp opened the Hupp Hotel, an old world-class resort.  The lobby, which is now Lonigans, opened as a bar in 1983, but LONIGANS' history is one of its charms.  

In the 20's and 30's it became the Chez Jay Hotel. Our back room was built by the Jay family. They brought in the best shows from Broadway, lock, stock, and set design for summer entertainment for their guests and performed live inour theater-stage back room to set their resort apart from other hotels. During the 40's we were the Mumford Hotel & Dance Hall,which visitors enjoyed during the war years and big band era.  Later, in the 50's through the 70's, it became the Continental, (a fitting name as it sat at the foot of the Great Continental Divide).  but as the west would have it , The Continental drifted to the biker bar atmosphere .A classic mountain town watering hole, nonetheless. After the big flood of '82, the renovated bar was given a new name as Lonigans Saloon.   Two best buddies, one from CSU, one from CU, (winners of the "Bar Naming Contest"), decided that with a few modifications and lots of energy, they could turn it into a great bar, with fun people, great food and Live Rock n' Roll.So Bruce Crowley and Al Arms purchased the bar they named.

When opportunity knocked, Dave & Debbie Callahan knew that Lonigans was made for them, their love for the mountains, seasons, and great town became a done deal.

They purchased it in 2005, added some Irish flair, and never looked back! 

In 2016, Dave and Debbie needed to break from Lonigans to help family, so Sabir and Paras stepped in to Purchase Lonigans and carry on the Irish Pub tradition. There young, enthusiastic energy has put a new vibe in Lonigans with oneed menu options, and entertainment nights. We wish them well carrying on the Lonigans "place to be" traditions.

There have been challenges along the way, including the recent flooding in September 2013.  However, this town, its surrounding communities and Lonigans have weathered it gracefully.  We have survived and thrived through decades and changing times with charisma and spunk, always managing to keep our spirit alive with great entertainment.  Today this wonderful stage hosts the very best in LIVE ENTERTAINMENT! Blues-Rock-Jazz-Funk-or an irish jig.  if it's great dancin' music, it's "LIVE!' at LONIGANS!

Whether you come in for a drink or some hash, happy hour or talent, kick up your heels, or just relax,

Our hearts are in it for all to enjoy!  we hope you do.